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Custom Computer Order. Choose Parts for your Computer!
System Core :
Intel System
  • Mother Board
  • CPU
  • Ram
  • Video cards
  • Sound card
  • Controllers 1
  • Controllers 2
  • Network cards
Amd System
  • Mother Board
  • CPU
  • Ram
  • Video cards
  • Sound card
  • Controllers 1
  • Controllers 2
  • Network cards
  • Hard Drive
  • Second Hard Drive
  • Third Hard Drive
  • Optical Drive
  • Second Optical
  • Removable drive
  • removable drive 2
Case / cooling / Power Supply
  • Case
  • Power Supply
  • CPU Cooling
  • Extra Cooler
  • Case Mods
OS / Software
  • Operating System
  • Operating System 2
  • Software
  • Software 2
  • Software 3
  • Software 4
  • Software 5
  • Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Keyboard
  • External Drive
  • External Drive 2
  • Power surge
  • Warranty
  • Tech Support
Preferences and Settings
  • Utility1
  • Utility2
  • Free Antivirus
Quantity / Comments
  • How many Computer do you want with the same configuration?
  • Comments
Parts Only Total

Why Getting Customized Computer? Pre built computers comes with Basic components. If you want a computer for Vido editing, CAD, Gaming and others, there are several advantages to Get it Customized.

1. Far cheaper than an equivalent pre-built system. Because "gamers" are seen by companies as people with plenty of disposable incomes

2. Quality. A pre built will select only the minimum quality parts that does the job. They need to save to maximize the profit.

3. Warranty. A pre built will offer typically a 1 year warranty. If you need a repair, you must bear the cost of shipping to their repair center. Most parts that you order will come with a manufacturer's warranty. Typically, that warranty is 3 years.

4. Easily Upgradable. Computer Technology grow so fast. The powerful computer you just buy will become obsolete just after a year or less. Customized computer is so easy to upgrade you can replace any part in it with most recent without having to change the whole computer. And the good news is that you can sale the old part. Pre built computers parts are optimized to work together. Our customized computers take in consideration the futures upgrade and build accordingly.

5. Bloat ware. One way a pre built makes money is by including all sorts of trial programs and utilities called bloat ware. They clutter up your PC before you event start loading your own applications. Many of the programs are useless. We install only you asked for. So You're not limited by what merchants offer. The offer on components is MUCH but MUCH bigger than the offer on pre-built computers. You're able to get the latest components and, over time, upgrade your computer accordingly. If in 2 years you think your graphics card isn't as good, you can get a 2nd one and activate SLI . If you were to buy it on a regular store, you probably wouldn't be able to do that because the computer is built to run like it is, not to take into account any future upgrades. and more, You can call it your baby!

At you don't need to be a Computer Tech to get your Computer built the way you want it. As a custom computer builder, we offer our customers the best array of component choices available today. Choose the pats you want for your future computer. What do you want to do?


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  • Performance
  • Confidentiality