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Data Backup and Recovery

OnlinePcDoc Knows Your Data has an inestimable Value. We Setup Our Customers System to prevent Data loss. We set Reel time Hard drive Backup, Multiple backup versions, Local and cloud Backup to protect your Data. We Also Help you recover Lost Data. You can't access your hard drive anymore? You have deleted some files or Folder By mistake? You have made a change on a File and will like to go back to a previous version of the files? Call Us now. we Will help you to get your data back.

Data Backup and Recovery Services Include

  • Perform hard disk health scans
  • Attempt and recover damaged data from your hard drive
  • Recover deleted / lost files
  • Prevent data from being written on damaged hard drive locations
  • The backup operation will cover user's individual profile, email messages, documents, and any other settings and preferences
  • Configure your computer to automatically backup data to an external hard drive, another PC, or to an online backup service
  • Restore backups from hard drive
  • And More..

    • Reliability
    • Performance
    • Confidentiality